Blush Clock is a paper object crafted to endure the passage of time while celebrating its own traces. Massed with 2kg of tree fiber pulp, this substantial volume showcases the versatility of paper - a material often overlooked for its fragility, yet it carries a rich history of artistic expression and masterful craftsmanship.

The clock's pinkish blush hue, made from natural Cochineal insect dye commonly found in cosmetics, brings a sense of humanness to the object, contrasting with the voidness of paper. Blush Clock embodies the beauty found in contrasts, highlighting the fragility of paper and the coarseness of its creation.

Blush Clock's solid block of fiber is constructed without adhesives or resins, achieved through a unique fiber suspension and compression process. Drawing inspiration from traditional papermaking craft and architectural rammed earth methods, this innovative technique results in a stable and rigid unibody. To counteract paper's natural deterioration over time, Blush Clock's fibers are excessively massed, prolonging the clock's longevity.

Tapa Cloth tree fiber, Cochineal insect dye, and Seiko quartz movement

260 x 260 x 40mm

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Photos by oornament