Blush Clock is a paper object made to bear traces of time.

Two kilograms of fiber pulp was poured into the timepiece with substantial volume, where the materiality became a vessel to contain the passage of time. Paper, historically despite its thinness, often carries expressions by others, yet itself embeds the message of a well-crafted material.

Blush Clock is a solid block of fiber made without adhesives or resins. It naturally achieves a stable and rigid unibody through a propriety fiber suspension and compression process. This hybrid method emerged from traditional papermaking craft and architectural rammed earth techniques. The Clock attempts to resist paper’s natural deterioration to the atmosphere and to prolong longevity by excessively massing its fibers.

Its pinkish blush, made from natural insect dye commonly used in cosmetics, enlivens the clock with a sense of humanness. It embodies the contrast between the fragileness of the material and the crudeness of the process.

Tapa Cloth tree fiber, Cochineal insect dye, and Seiko quartz movement

260 x 260 x 40mm

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Photos by oornament